“My role models are GGG and Wladimir Klitschko as athletes. I like strong women like J. Lo who build their own empire…”

Outside the Ring: Christina Hammer

Sports and Philanthropy: A series of articles dedicated to those who’ve given their all and still give more. Each article will feature a different community champion; no belts, no medals, no ratings… just good people passing it on.

World Champion, Christina Hammer, makes her ring debut in the USA this spring. She will appear on the same, televised card as Olympian, and World Champion, Claressa Shields. Strikingly attractive and statuesque, Christina takes us a long way from the early stereotype of women boxers. Heads turn, mouths drop, Christina’s in the room. And she understands the importance of marketing a transitory career, something all athletes should. Christina’s desire to win is only equaled to her desire to succeed outside the ring. Carefully guided, she has used her sport’s platform, expanding her world to include brand representation and business. She also has a commitment to give back to the community and pledges a percentage of her profits to charity. She shines as a World Champion, and a champion of the world.

Is she the new role model for women’s boxing? Glamour, talent and savvy? The bar is high. One cannot take credit for the gift of beauty, but her gift of giving, that’s pure choice.

What made you decide on a career in boxing?

My family is very athletic. My uncle trained in boxing. I was interested in it and started to workout with him. Since the first day in the gym I was hooked. I train every day.

Has being a champion athlete always been your dream?

Yes, it was my dream. For me dreams are here to realize. I work hard to get what I am dream of. My dream now, is to be successful in USA.

What inspired you?

People who are fighting every day. They never give up and try to be always positive. They are accepting that sometimes things happened which can´t change. Then you can believe that the phrase the “sky is the limit” could be real.

What was it like to go from amateur to pro?

Dedication. My efforts doubled. I like better being professional. You must work out like a champ and live like one. You are always in process.

Who is on your Team?

My 82 years old coach Dimitri Kirnos who built me up and always believes in me; my agent/manager Harald Pia who stands always by my side; my brother and my best friend they hold my belts when I step into the ring; my Cutman Thilo.

What is your training schedule like?

Relentless. Daily. A lot of sparring, technique training, coordination, strength, conditioning. And nutrition. I fight clean and with passion.

Tell us about your activities outside the ring?

I am girl. I love fashion and shoes that’s why I like to do a lot of modeling. An example is the lingerie brand, Anita. I think it’s important to show my feminine side. There is balance. 

I am also a student. I study sport’s science. In a few months I will have graduated.

The Future is important. I can’t box forever. That´s why I’m trying to establish my own brands. At May 2018, my own Lady Hammer Sport Nutrition will be launched into the market. For this, I work with the same company who produced the first sport nutrition line for Arnold Schwarzenegger and developed the first space food for the NASA.

You are starting an online casino. How did this come about?

A lot of top male athletes like Christiano Ronaldo are brand ambassadors for Online Casinos/Sport betting/Poker. But no one with his own name. When I got the offer, I was proud but hesitated a moment. One argument convinced me. I wanted to show that not only a male boxer, but also female boxer can make money from their athletic success. I hope my image will motivate more young girls to take the difficult life of a professional fighter. It is our time to shine.

What made you decide to give a portion to charity?

It’s a good part when you feel confident and the business goes well. It’s better to give a part back to other people and children they are not so blessed like you.

Who are your role models?

My role models are GGG and Wladimir Klitschko as athletes. I like strong women like J. Lo who build their own empire.

What are your goals after fighting?

After my career? I am already making my first steps for the future. I am sure there will come more opportunities. I am wide awake.

Now, I love nothing more than fighting; this is my passion. There is no better feeling than to step into the ring, to fight, to win, to have your hand raised up. And after my fight I get to eat some sweets, like cakes.

Is there anyone you’d like to fight?

Claressa Shields

A fight you’d like to sit ringside for?

Joshua vs. Wilder

The most exciting thing about being a Champion?

Stepping into the ring, fighting and winning.

A thought you’d like to share?

There is only one reality, you have only one life, use your time.

How would you change the perception of woman’s boxing?

I want to show that strong is the new sexy. The fight Hammer vs. Shields could be the game changer for woman’s boxing. This fight has the possibility to get the same attention as a big men’s fight. It can motivate more women to become boxers by finally showing that you can get a top image and make money with this sport.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a fine boxer—Christina Lady Hammer strong and undefeated Champion.

Quelle: BOXING.com
By Jill Diamond on April 6, 2018

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